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Alston Properties appeal of the 110’ height restriction will likely be heard on April 19th. Our City councillor has confirmed the appeal, although she won’t discuss it with me. I believe the monumental show of support from the Residents of the Exchange District at last year’s appeal hearing accounted for the ‘win’ by demonstrating how passionately we (the voters) are opposed to this monolith.

image from the developer's variance application

Last year we had 160 opposition emails/letters and 19 residents appeared at the appeal hearing. It is clear to me that this developer has some confidence that he will win this latest appeal and be allowed a 12 story building. We need to oppose this again, but this time in bigger numbers!

This fight is not over this one building. If Alston says they need 134’ to be economically viable, then you can be certain the next developer will say they need 148’ or maybe 163’. How could the councillors say no to the next development when they said yes to this one?

We need to again come together to show our united front in opposition. Here’s how you can help:

  • Send an email to stating your opposition to a building at 127 Bannatyne exceeding the 100 foot bylaw maximum. It can be short, just stating your opposition, or you can explain your reasoning. Please include your full name and address.

  • Let me know if you can speak in opposition at the appeal hearing, likely to be on April 19th. You can speak via Zoom (or perhaps in person), from 1 - 10 minutes to give your opinion. Once the appeal is announced next week, I will let you know who to contact to register.

  • Express your opposition to the councillors who will decide on this appeal (contact details to be provided tomorrow).

  • Pass the word to your neighbours and friends. This is not an issue only for those of us in the Exchange, the future of the Exchange District is an issue for all of Winnipeg.


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