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I am going to apologize in advance, because somehow this simple question seems to have multiple answers. I believe my eyes and say the proposed building is 134’. I, of course, include the large penthouse which includes some mechanical, plus elevator access, a large public room, and double doors for access to the full roof terrace.

The proposal for 127 Bannatyne is being promoted as 110’ (the max they were allowed at last year’s appeal). How can this be? They are calling the top floor (11th) the ‘penthouse’ and measuring to the bottom of the penthouse floor. Apparently, the extra tall top floor and the public structure above it doesn’t count.

The City calls the proposal 123.5’, measuring to the roof/terrace, but not including the 1200 sq ft 12th floor which will have elevator access to a party room and the large terrace.

As you can see, this building is 34% larger than the maximum allowable limit of 100’ and almost 2 ½ times as tall as the two adjacent heritage buildings. We need to come together once again to stop this!

My answer to how tall is this building: too tall for the Exchange District!


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