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When does a proposed 145’ building become a 134’ building at an appeal hearing, then when the board restricts it to 110’ comes back 11 months later as 110’ plus a penthouse floor for a total of…wait for it…yes, 134’ again? Confused? They hope you are.

Last year, Alston Properties proposed to build a 12-story 145’ building on Bannatyne between two 100-year old, 55’, 4-story, buildings. The city rejected it as the bylaw restriction is a 100’ limit. This year, the developer feels the building is not economically feasible at 110’ and resubmitted their plans for a building now of 123.5' plus the penthouse for an actual build of 134’ — which is still 34% higher than the bylaw allows in the Exchange District and more than double the height of the flanking historic buildings.

Alston Properties, currently building the Pumphouse Apartments on Waterfront, intends to appeal the city’s decision and the notice is expected on April 5th.

As residents of this historic district, it is up to us to once again fight this proposal. Not only is this development out of scale for the area, but this over-reach would create a precedent signalling the beginning of the end for Winnipeg’s historic gem.

We need to stop this encroachment. We stopped it last year and with your strong support, we can do it again.

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