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Weed or Feed - Ashdown Market opens in Exchange

The exciting news in the Exchange District, and given the publicity, across Winnipeg in the past few weeks, is the new grocery store. I have lived here for 16 years, and through that time the number one request for residents is a grocery store. Ironically, the lack of a neighbourhood grocery store tends to be the number one concern or criticism for non-residents, even though most of them do not have somewhere to buy fresh produce within a short walk of their home.

Ask and ye shall receive. The Ashdown Market opened at the beginning of May. It is located in the Ashdown building with its storefront at 171 Bannatyne Ave. It is starting out with a large selection of fresh produce, bread from a local bakery, fresh and frozen meats, soft drinks, snacks and a selection of houseware items. It also has a small coffee bar with $2 coffee and a couple of tables to sit at.

For the next short while, you will need to be 19 to enter. Not because the produce is rated 'Mature', but because the store also sells cannabis.

Reluctant to Enter a Cannabis Store?

To those that may be reluctant to enter a cannabis store, relax. Frankly, I had to ask if they still carried cannabis because all I saw was a grocery store. If you are okay with going into a store knowing that behind the counter, hidden from sight, they carry tobacco products, you will have no problem at Ashdown Market. Check out the pictures -- it's simply a grocery store.

When their new signage is ready, the names and logos on the windows and door will change from its current cannabis focus to that of a grocery store that also carries cannabis (and perhaps tobacco products).

We Need to Support Ashdown Market

I cannot emphasize how much of a big deal this small grocery store is to the area. If we, the neighbours, support this store, two things will happen. First it will expand. There is lots of room in their space to grow and add to their offerings. And secondly, a success here will signal that a small grocery store can succeed in the Exchange and maybe one could pop up in the west Exchange.

Don't get in your car and drive to Walmart or Costco. Put on your walking shoes, and shop local -- really local. Their produce is always fresh, their prices are very reasonable, and the owners, Marleen and Josh, are super friendly and want to provide what we need.


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