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Vote to be Heard

Winnipeg's civic election is on Wednesday October 26th. Here is a summary of information on the candidates and voting procedures. Please vote -- we need to have our voices heard!

Who is Running

We have three candidates for city councillor. You can check their election websites for their bio and qualifications:

Candidate Roundup

In case you haven’t done your research yet, here is CBC’s summary of the ward and the three candidates:

How To Vote

  • Election day voting hours: 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

  • You should have received information from Elections Manitoba telling you where to vote. If you don’t receive information, call them at 204-945-3225.

  • ID is required: One piece of government-issued photo ID or two other pieces. Voters on the voters list who do not have ID may have another voter with ID from the same electoral division vouch for them.

  • Go to your voting place. An election official will direct you to your voting station.

  • Show your ID to the election official at the voting station.

  • If your name is on the voters list and you have acceptable ID or someone to vouch for you, you will receive a ballot.

  • If your name is not on the voters list, show your ID. You will have to take an oath confirming your identity. If none of your ID shows your address, you will also be asked to sign a declaration of address.

Where to Vote

Many of us are to vote at 333 King St., which is the Youth for Christ recreation facility at the north west corner of Higgins and Main Street, with the entrance on King St.


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