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Road Construction Updates

McDermot Ave.

The last block of McDermot Ave, between Rorie and Waterfront has been changed from a two way to one way traffic heading east, to be consistent with the rest of McDermot. As a result of the success of the angled parking pilot project on Bannatyne Ave last year between Rorie and Waterfront, the new block of McDermot now has angled parking as well.

I have been lobbying for years to have a sidewalk built on this block of McDermot on the south side. I was told by many at the city that it couldn’t be done, and that an unnamed property owner would not allow it (despite being on city land). As a compromise, a couple of years ago, the city built a sidewalk on the north side of the street, where it is not really needed and where there was nice grass — one of the few grass boulevards in the area. ugh.

As part of this year’s street renovation project, they did build a sidewalk on the south side of this block of McDermot, getting rid of the ugly gravel sections and the dumpsters behind the new building addition close to Waterfront Drive.

Bannatyne Ave.

What a mess! First they tore up Bannatyne between Waterfront and Rorie, then they patched it. Businesses and residents went without water for hours a few days in a row as construction workers replaced a water main that was installed in 1890! The 128 year old water main pipe they replaced had a 4” diameter, and we were told that given the age and sediment, it probably only had 1 ½ inch opening. It was replaced with a 12” pvc pipe.

Then they dug holes in the next block (Rorie to Main) causing grief for the many residents and businesses. Then they patched it, then, they tore it all up again, patched it and now they are cutting new sections out…


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