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R:ED Event - Indigenous Dining Experience

In October 2019, the historic Exchange District played host to Ishkode, a dining experience celebrating Indigenous cuisine. Four Indigenous chefs, including Melissa Urban Brownee, Glenna “Cookum Daisy” Henderson and Steve Watson will develop a 7-course meal inspired by the theme of "pre-colonization.”

There were only 5 seatings of this not-to-be-missed experience, and Ireserved one of them for the Residents of the Exchange District! The R:ED seating was on Thursday October 24th at 6:00.

First Nations people have worked toward building various platforms to showcase the beautiful traditions and teachings that have been passed down from generation to generation. Ishkode incorporates Indigenous cuisine with traditional plants/medicines and wild game that have fed First Nations’ families for generations.

Education and sharing knowledge are core components of Ishkode and we focused on incorporating traditional and historical knowledge to give our participants an all-around culinary and learning experience, including cultural and food sovereignty.

Ishkode also featured indigenous artists works from up and coming artists Dwayne Bird and Nicole Leclair.

This special evening was hosted for R:ED by Long Plains First Nation member Kyra Wilson and Metis restaurateur Noel Bernier. Ishkode aims at bringing light to an entirely new generation of Indigenous Chefs as they begin to create modern Indigenous cuisine.

This event was offered at a cost of only $99. What makes this even more spectacular is that while the general public will pay $149 to have an entry and wine/beer pairing included with dinner, for this R:ED event, the pairing has been sponsored and will be included in the $99 charge. An amazing deal!

The event took place in the historic and stunning Cloakroom, on the 2nd floor of 70 Albert Street.


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