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Market Lands - Five Proposals

The Market Lands design competition was exciting! A reality-TV talent competition, but with architectural designs and no Simon, all in front of a panel of judges who will decide on the ultimate winner. Twenty minutes for each presentation, eight minutes for questions from the judges.

I had the pleasure to be in packed audience and despite the lack of buzzers or spinning chairs of the TV talent shows, it was exciting to see the amazing and varied ideas that five talented teams from across Canada had for the same plot of land.

After two years of public consultations, CentreVenture determined that use will be a mixed-use development encompassing a multi-storey affordable-housing building, a ground-floor space for local arts groups, retail spaces for local artisans and a public plaza so this formed the basis of all of the presentations.

The winner will work with Centreventure to finalize the design of Market Lands development, expected to be a $30 million development between the Exchange District, City Hall and China Town

Check out the Market Lands website for details on the proposals; a decision will be announced on December 14.


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